ARTICLE - Let the British Council die.
Politics · 05. January 2021
The British Council is broke. Should we bail it out again? Article explaining why we don't need the British Council.

Politics · 25. November 2020
Is there a case for eradicating world leaders, monarchs and statesmen? We look at the dangerous history of Propaganda of the Deed and compare revolutionary acts of terror to the acts of terror of Nobel Prize laureates. Explosive stuff!

Politics · 11. November 2019
MAFIA SPECIAL 1. We look at the real way the Italian mob operates, the symbiotic state-mafia relationship and its fund redistribution network. We will also meet Europe’s most corrupt police force.

Politics · 18. September 2019
Today we ask the question 'Are you a fascist?' and measure your degree of extremity using some of the classic parameters that have historically define the ultra-right. Be honest with your answers - you might be surprised with the result!

Politics · 10. February 2019
Modern academic texts uphold the idea that the crash was just a minor glitch and that happy days are just around the corner. The truth: virtually every nation, government, municipality and many households are technically insolvent.

Politics · 26. November 2018
The bloodless coup d’ètat in Italy proves that any semblance of popular democracy in the EU is pure pantomime. The show is still run by an EU ruling class of corporate overlords, financial oligarchs, and their central bankers. Democracy is invalidated by their army of 82,096 lobbyists, 11,327 pressure groups and an entrenched class of political mobsters.

Politics · 30. July 2018
While left and right play the blame game Venezuela has been exiled from the international community. It has been banished from international money markets and has been demonized by all sides. Venezuela today is no more a victim of its own political policy failure than it was twenty years ago. The country has been abandoned and crippled by US-endorsed economic sanctions.