ARTICLE - Let the British Council die.
Politics · 05. January 2021
The British Council is broke. Should we bail it out again? Article explaining why we don't need the British Council.

ARTICLE - Possible Future Bitcoin Scenarios
Cryptocurrencies · 04. January 2021
Article about some of the possible future scenarios that could play out in the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

Current Affairs · 15. December 2020
'Everyone has a right to a fair defence', but white-collar criminals never see the inside of a courtroom

Current Affairs · 02. December 2020
Do open borders work? Today we debunk one of the more common modern myths that closed borders are better. We take a look at the century long success story of the Swiss border.

Politics · 25. November 2020
Is there a case for eradicating world leaders, monarchs and statesmen? We look at the dangerous history of Propaganda of the Deed and compare revolutionary acts of terror to the acts of terror of Nobel Prize laureates. Explosive stuff!

ARTICLE - We've Located Nazi Gold
Gold · 10. September 2020
Ever wondered what happened to Nazi gold? Was it really buried in an underground train in Poland? We find some evidence of where some of the precious metal ended up.

Current Affairs · 23. December 2019
Political correctness is contentious – it was meant to be that way. It was a lousy right-wing media stitch-up to disparage the left and mask political encroachment upon our liberties. It’s been going on for decades. The idea that the right are the new advocates of freedom of speech is plain farcical.

16. December 2019
This week we are uploading a fascinating documentary about the Angry Brigade. The Angry Brigade was an anarchist terrorist group who carried out a series of bomb attacks in England between 1970 and 1972. Their small-scale, but frequent campaigns targeted banks, embassies, a BBC Outside Broadcast vehicle, and the homes of Conservative MPs. In total, 25 bombings were attributed to the Angry Brigade. The bombings caused mainly damage to property. Members of the brigade were brought to trial in one

Anarchism · 09. December 2019
This week we are uploading an English language documentary about anarchist EMMA GOLDMAN. It is entitled 'An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman' which explores the incredible, yet troubled life of one of the world’s most extraordinary women.

25. November 2019
This week we are uploading a fascinating short documentary, about 1970s-1980s anarchist movements in Britain. After authorities had began politically targeting anarchist groups such as the Angry Brigade in the early 1970s, the decade then saw massive state investment of human and financial resources in a bid to effectively wipe out any groups politically opposed to statism. The ongoing conflict culminated with the notorious 'Persons Unknown' trial. Crass Anarcho-punk band footage too.

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