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Politics · 25. November 2020
Is there a case for eradicating world leaders, monarchs and statesmen? We look at the dangerous history of Propaganda of the Deed and compare revolutionary acts of terror to the acts of terror of Nobel Prize laureates. Explosive stuff!

Economics · 01. November 2019
If the world’s economy were a haircut, it would be a comb-over. The strands from the earlobe periphery are being greased across an increasing barren bald patch. It’s not looking good.

Anarchism · 13. August 2019
Find out what today's film is! We are continuing to upload more anarchist material onto our new Youtube channel. The films are all classic anarcho-flicks and documentaries aimed at purely non-profit, academic and educational purposes. Come and subscribe!

Anarchism · 07. July 2019
As relevant today as when it was written over a hundred years ago, Emma Goldman rails against Christianity, in this timeless Anarchist essay.

Anarchism · 01. July 2019
Come and watch our new anarchist and libertarian film and documentary page. We will be regularly posting many libertarian classics. Today's upload is Manufacturing Consent, which follows Noam Chomsky while he explains the mechanisms used by main stream media to manipulate information and present a skewed, filtered view in line with the interests of a minority of powerful world elites. The films here are intended for purely academic, educational or non-profit usage.

Politics · 10. February 2019
Modern academic texts uphold the idea that the crash was just a minor glitch and that happy days are just around the corner. The truth: virtually every nation, government, municipality and many households are technically insolvent.