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Today’s film is an absolute anarchist classic about the tireless work of the movement’s most well-known exponent Noam Chomsky.


The film looks at how main stream media filters a skewed version of real events to create legitimacy for what are, basically, criminal, militaristic, political regimes.


First released in 1992, the film has dated very well. The technology may have changed with the computer and internet revolution, yet the manipulation by very small concentrations of elite power remains.  

SPANISH CIVIL WAR Documentary (6 episodes)

This week we are uploading a fascinating series of documentaries about the SPANISH REVOLUTION (also known as the SPANISH CIVIL WAR) 1936-1939. The series was filmed by Granada TV and shown on British television during the 1970s. As a consequence it is now of more historical relevance than ever as it contains heaps of first hand, eye witness accounts by many of the original protagonists: republicans, anarchists, communists and even some fascist sympathizers. 


DOCUMENTARY: EMMA GOLDMAN, an Exceedingly Dangerous Woman.

DOCUMENTARY: NO GODS, NO MASTERS. Parts 1-3 of the superb history of anarchism, Ni Dieu ni Maitre'.

DOCUMENTARY Anna Mendelssohn & the Angry Brigade (interview).

This week we are uploading a fascinating documentary first broadcast in the early 1970s about the Angry Brigade. The bulk of the programme is an interview with Anna Mendelssohn, who at the time was about to stand trial for her involvement in the Angry Brigade trial.

The Angry Brigade was an anarchist 'terrorist' group who carried out a series of bomb attacks in England between 1970 and 1972. Their small-scale, but frequent campaigns targeted banks, embassies, a BBC Outside Broadcast vehicle, and the homes of Conservative MPs. In total, 25 bombings were attributed to the Angry Brigade. The bombings (described by some as 'glorified fireworks') caused mainly damage to property. Members of the brigade were brought to trial in one of Britain's longest running trials. Of the eight people who stood trial, known as the Stoke Newington Eight, four were acquitted. John Barker, along with Hilary Creek, Anna Mendelssohn and Jim Greenfield, were convicted on majority verdicts, and sentenced to ten years.


Stuart Christie later explained the authorities' procedure for dealing with anti-authoritarian and anarchist groups. The standard, historically tested formula is:

-Arrest two or three suspects or state enemies

-Continue making arrests of others related to the original 'suspects' over the course of time

-Bring legal action against the group as a collective

-Acquit the majority and jail/execute the original hardcore group as supposed leaders

Persons Unknown Trial & Crass Anarcho-punk band footage

This week we are uploading a fascinating short documentary, about 1970s-1980s anarchist movements in Britain. After authorities had began politically targeting anarchist groups such as the Angry Brigade in the early 1970s, the decade then saw massive state investment of human and financial resources in a bid to effectively wipe out any groups politically opposed to statism. The ongoing authority - anti-authoritarian conflict culminated with the notorious 'Persons Unknown' trial. Find out how it finished, we won't spoil the ending!

The documentary also features some superb footage of anarcho-punk band Crass in action, around 1980 and we get an insight into the life of ace Scottish anarchist Stuart Christie, a colourful character who has done some major work disseminating anarchist ideas and works.

DEBATE What is anarchism?

An interesting video that explores some of the basic ideas of anarchism including cooperation, mutual aid, utopianism, etc. featuring David White and Ben Dea.


This is an anarchist-must watch documentary featuring Noam Chomsky, renowned linguist and anarchist. Chomsky makes the case about how the powers-that-shouldn't-be retain wealth and political power in the hands of a minority of elites. Gripping stuff!