ARTICLE - Possible Future Bitcoin Scenarios

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What does the future hold for Bitcoin & Crypto? Find out how the story could play out.

Possible future #bitcoin scenarios:

1. The Fed, losing world’s reserve currency status, puts $ on #gold standard.

Result: #BTC & Gold to the moon.


2. The Fed, fearing rivalry to the $ from #crypto starts manipulating $ price UPWARDS.

Result: Hugely inflationary for the $. Spikes in $-denominated metals & crypto. Consumers rekt.


3. Central banks start issuing centralized CBDC shitcoins to rival #BTC

Result: cryptos end up trading on the same exchanges w/ huge outflows of CBDCs into BTC which becomes world reserve currency. CBDC - the new Venezuelan Bolivar. #gold🚀


4. Central banks helicopter drop their own CBDC crypto as a form of Universal Basic Income directly into domestic bank accounts.

Result: Most recipients use CBDCs to pile into #BTC and #bullion, then panic sell traditional currencies. 


5. China and/or Russia produces a gold-backed crypto.

Result: U.S. economic and cyber war with China, resulting in spikes for printed paper currencies, bullion and off-exchange P2P crypto.


6. The FED prints fresh $ to attempt to corner the BTC market.

Result: BTC becomes world’s reserve currency, price goes to $10M as HODLERs prove resilient. #Gold stays at $1700 as a BTC hedge @PeterSchiff keeps job, but clients get rekt again


7. The FED & Neoliberals elites stage a co-ordinated cyber coup on #BTC protocol and crypto exchanges using legions of hackers.

Result: Dismal failure. #Crypto infrastructure was developed by the crème of the world’s I.T. intelligencia – not 3 geeks w/ a laptop in Starbucks. Get real.


8. The FED creates CBDC backed by the $.

Result: CBDC plummets to 3000th place on CoinMarketCap just below KarenCoin. 1 Dogecoin buys approximately CBDC Coins, but kids hate it as Lincoln is not as cute as Doge. Gold at $1700. @JamesGRickards still unable to retire aged 98.


09. Banks adopt Bitcoin

Result: Law require banks to keep just 3% in real #btc holdings, allowing 97% fractional reserve loans w/ counterfeited #crypto. @Nouriel Roubini miraculously keeps job @NYUStern where suckers pay $79K to learn how to stay poor


10. @elonmusk announces massive multi-bitcoin acquisition.

Result: Bitcoin to the moon. SpaceX rocket full of bitcoin billionaires blows up.  #Dogecoin makes it to Mars before that old fraudster ever does.