Politics · 18. September 2019
Today we ask the question 'Are you a fascist?' and measure your degree of extremity using some of the classic parameters that have historically define the ultra-right. Be honest with your answers - you might be surprised with the result!

Politics · 24. August 2019
Is there a case for eradicating world leaders, monarchs and statesmen? We look at the dangerous history of Propaganda of the Deed and compare revolutionary acts of terror to the acts of terror of Nobel Prize laureates. Explosive stuff!

Anarchism · 13. August 2019
Find out what today's film is! We are continuing to upload more anarchist material onto our new Youtube channel. The films are all classic anarcho-flicks and documentaries aimed at purely non-profit, academic and educational purposes. Come and subscribe!

Politics · 26. July 2019
MAFIA SPECIAL 1. We look at the real way the Italian mob operates, the symbiotic state-mafia relationship and its fund redistribution network. We will also meet Europe’s most corrupt police force.

Anarchism · 07. July 2019
As relevant today as when it was written over a hundred years ago, Emma Goldman rails against Christianity, in this timeless Anarchist essay.

Anarchism · 01. July 2019
Come and watch our new anarchist and libertarian film and documentary page. We will be regularly posting many libertarian classics. Today's upload is Manufacturing Consent, which follows Noam Chomsky while he explains the mechanisms used by main stream media to manipulate information and present a skewed, filtered view in line with the interests of a minority of powerful world elites. The films here are intended for purely academic, educational or non-profit usage.

Current Affairs · 13. June 2019
'Everyone has a right to a fair defence', but white-collar criminals never see the inside of a courtroom

Current Affairs · 01. May 2019
The future looks grim. Social media is becoming PC only. Self-censorship sucks nearly as much as moderator’s censorship. Only Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account gave us the chance to directly address the pathetic, dribbling excuse of a man himself… in anyway we wanted. Only Twitter gave us the freedom to have a battle of wits, with the heavy guns and the unarmed alike.

Anarchism · 27. April 2019
As relevant today as it was over 100 years ago... if you substitute a couple of names and update those prices.

Current Affairs · 18. April 2019
Knuckle-dragging rednecks, college campus jocks and Twitter trolls: the alt-right increasingly resembles Mel Brook's raggle taggle army of hoodlums.

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